St. Joseph’s High School gets go-to-college funding help from National Grid

January 7, 2015

National Grid, in conjunction with the National Grid Foundation, donated $20,000 and 20 computers to St. Joseph's High School. The contribution has gone directly toward helping to get more students into competitive colleges.

“This is a small school, just 328 young women, and a lot of them will be the first of their families to go off to college,” said Sister Joan Gallagher.
“Many are low-income, working families, and that’s why it’s important that we get them all of the assistance we possibly can to get girls that would have not otherwise gone to college into a good school.”

Grants like the one from the National Grid Foundation have made a significant impact on the girls at St. Joseph’s. The school began putting grant money toward a comprehensive SAT review program and expanded the college counseling department.

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